Ixim sin Chiya Jewelry Collective

In 2009, JUSTA aided five women artisans in organizing themselves into a self-run beading collective based in San Pedro La Laguna. This collective creates the beautifully beaded and woven jewelry pieces that are sold through Global Just Designs. The women of the group range in ages from 25 to 45, from single mothers to mothers of multiple children, and from native groups of Tzutujil to Katchiquel. These women have come to work together through their collective necessity to survive and exuberance for life. Their bright energies and light are reflected in their individual work, and their growth and development as a whole collective demonstrate remarkable progress. Though they have had little to no formal education, through their work with JUSTA and Global Just Designs, these women now manage their own production, maintain their personal finances, and track their inventory on a computer.