Kem Ajachel Textile Collective

Kem Achel is a collective of artisans based in and around Panajachel, Guatemala. The collective is made up of over 70 local artisans who specialize in traditional back-strap loom weaving, natural dyeing with local plants and seeds, and sewing new designs from up-cycled traditional fabrics. The collective is led by the strong mother-daughter team of Flora and Zabde. The two work with dozens of other artisans who specialize in different weaving and dying techniques. Besides Flora and Zabde, JUSTA’s Global Just Designs are created by 12 artisans in the Kem Achel Collective. Flora manages creative design and artisan relations, while Zabde manages their orders, accounting, and other computer needs. While Flora only attended school until 6th grade, she has made it her mission to provide more educational opportunities for her daughter, who is now studying in pre-University. The strength of these this duo to overcome obstacles as indigenous women is nothing short of impressive. Their success is a shining example of what hard work, dedication, and focus can achieve beyond social constructs and seemingly stagnating limitations!