Kem Ajachel Garden Entrepreneur Project

To help create Flora and Kem Ajachel’s dream, JUSTA collaborated with NuMundo to build this backyard garden. Together, we built a space following local permaculture principles and featuring a variety of local medicinal herbs and plants that create natural plant dyes! The space is also economically self-sustaining with public tours and natural dyeing workshops that subsidize local artisans to experience the same educational opportunities!

The garden features:

  • a complete rainwater catchment system with soaker hoses for watering the entire garden
  • a banana plant circle to provide nitrogen and water to the soil as well as surround our compost area
  • two custom built rocket stoves made of adobe and natural materials
  • repurposed bamboo for fencing around garden beds
  • organic natural compost fertilizers and soils
  • natural dye plants
  • medicinal herbs
  • local super foods such as chaya greens, chia seed, and amaranth

Contact us to schedule a visit with your group!

We offer a Half or Full Day or activities including: