Chacaya Education Program

JUSTA, in collaboration with Mystical Yoga Farm, is dedicated to improving educational opportunities, promoting alternative education methods as well as healthy living, bodies, and minds in the community of San Antonio Chacaya, a predominantly coffee-farming indigenous Mayan village where Tz’utujil is spoken, in Lake Atitlán, Solola, Guatemala.

Together, we support the Chacaya Middle School and the community of Chacaya in their endeavors for a better education and a better future for their children.

As with everything we do, our approach is multi-faceted and holistic:

  • We carry out an annual fundraising campaign in order to offer scholarships to youngsters who could otherwise not afford to go to school, increasing the number of school attendees within the community. 100% of donations go to school fees and incidental costs to students. 
  • We offer a variety of nutritional, environmental, social, personal development and wellness workshops for students, as well as regular meditation and yoga classes on the grounds of Mystical Yoga Farm.
  • We also support the school with ongoing teacher training sessions in order to move the school’s practice forward and provide professional development opportunities to the school staff.
  • We coordinate various volunteering programs and exchanges with those willing to lend a hand or their expertise to the community of Chacaya.
  • Finally, we are intending to provide students with access to medical checkups and advice during the coming year.