Children’s Enrichment Program

JUSTA partners with Konojel, a community center in San Marcos La Laguna, to offer a hour of educational activities daily for approximately 30 local indigenous children. The children are beneficiaries of the Konojel lunch program and range in age from birth through 12 years.

Konojel’s lunch program is an important step to combating the cycle of malnutrition, and the JUSTA-supported children’s enrichment program takes those efforts a step further to nourish the minds and hearts of the beneficiaries.  It’s a holistic approach to a problem that cannot be solved through food alone. The hour of enrichment activities take place in an environment rich in caring, cooperation, creativity, and play. Indeed, this is one of the major goals of the program: providing a place for kids to be kids. Within this space, children develop important academic and social skills.

JUSTA supports the program by providing:

  • half of the salaries for two local indigenous employees – a program coordinator and assistant
  • expert project supervision to ensure professional development for employees, strategic planning, and measurable growth
  • resources and funding to embed health and nutrition education, called Comida Vida Jr., into daily activities
  • volunteers with expertise to support the coordinator and assistant in making improvements
  • a year’s supply of a local superfood for the lunch program menu: this year we are providing a year’s supply of Chia Seeds! These seeds are added to the daily drink that is given to beneficiaries.