Comida Vida Jr.

In 2015, we expanded our Comida Vida programming to focus on elementary aged children’s health and nutrition education Children who benefit from the Konojel Lunch Program and the Konojel Enrichment Program are introduced to simple but important information and activities designed to establish healthy habits around food choice, hygiene and illness, medicinal plants, water sanitation, and more..

One glaring issue  in the Lake Atitlán region is a dependence on and addiction to junk food. Many cultures are fighting this same struggle, but the children of San Marcos are especially vulnerable because of their limited access to health education and limited economic resources . Many children in this region suffer the developmental effects of these unhealthy foods and their overwhelming amount of sugar and unhealthy chemicals. In addition, with little emphasis on eating fruits and veggies, children suffer from a lack of vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Comida Vida Jr. is a series of games and workshops that provides children the knowledge and tools to make healthy, informed choices to care for their bodies. Coupled with our Comida Vida workshop series targeting mothers, we  help the community combat malnutrition through education.