Hoods are the perfect festival accessory, offering shade, warmth, and privacy.  They are made and lined with upcycled, handwoven textiles, and many can be worn on either side.  Some feature a fleece lining for extra warmth.  They all include a secret zippered pocket at the back of the neck.

The design offers even more versatility.  The hoods feature snaps on the front panels that allow you to wear them around your neck like a cowl, hanging long in front like a scarf, or snapped behind the back like a halter top.  This last option allows the hood to sit comfortably on your shoulders without falling off.


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Blue Stripe, Black and White, Orange Plaid, Purple Stripe, Blue/Brown Stripe, Teal Peacock, Blue Geometry, Brown Geometry, Green Geometry, Pink Plaid, Black and Gray


Reversible, Fleece


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