Welcome to our virtual home. This is a digital portal to the collaborative creative projects of indigenous Mayan artisans from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and designers and visionaries in the United States.

Woven Wisdom is a conscious collaboration of cultures, and many things woven into one: two clothing lines, (one in Panajachel, Guatemala, and one in Colorado, USA) a handmade jewelry line in the traditional beading technique of the Tzʼutujil Mayan, a boot line made from upcycled traditional Mayan fabric and car tire soles, a line of sacred geometric forms 3D printed in plastic, sandstone, and precious metals, and finally a philosophic and philanthropic outreach through projects and workshops to educate and inform for the benefit of All.

Woven Wisdom funds a non-profit JUSTA (Justice, Unity, and Sustainable Trade for Artisans) which strives to support the lives, livelihoods and dreams of the Mayan people in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.


WOVEN WISDOM is dedicated to aiding communities in becoming self-sustainable, inspiring creativity, initiative, self-worth and opening alternative education opportunities to improve lives.


JUSTA has strong, lasting relationships with local artisan groups. We work side by side with entrepreneurs to develop business literacy and promote creativity.


Donate directly to our non-profit JUSTA, supporting Justice Unity and Sustainable Trade for Artisans.