Petal Hip Belt


An adjustable three-pocket hip belt made with up-cycled Guatemalan textiles. The bright colors really add something special to every outfit it is added to. This item is unisex and looks good on everyone. Three pockets for organization. Fully adjustable with the snaps.


Our hip belt is one of our most popular items as it is carries everything you need without dragging you down! Perfect when traveling, hiking, or dancing. Our hip belt adds three pockets to any outfit: an outer snap pocket, a zipped pocket on the inside flap, and a hidden zipper pocket behind the main compartment. It is made from up-cycled, handwoven Mayan textiles and has adjustable snaps to fit most bodies.


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Pink Arrows, Black Zunil, Yellow-Blue Belt, Yellow-Purple Belt, Magenta Arrows, Bright Red, Dark Red, Rainbow Chichi, Purple, Blue-Red Belt, Hot Pink Zunil, Mixed Pink Zunil


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