Nested Platonic Solids


Behold all five platonic solids nested one within the other in perfect geometric nesting. 3D printed in steel and electroplated in Gold, 3D printed in matte bronze steel, and 3D printed in plastic.

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Here are the ancient secrets of the 5 Platonic Solids, each nested perfectly one within the other. One of the most complex yet simple geometric keys to the manifest universe, the Nested Platonic Solids brings each of the five platonic solids into clarity as they actually are in 3 dimensions. Not only that, this unique nested configuration illuminates the exact inter-relationship of all platonic solids to each other. I personally have learned an incalculable amount about the geometric nature of creation and consciousness from this very structure. Beautiful, interesting, sacred and fun to hold, this is truly a great contemplative tool and holds a true wizard’s secret.
The outermost geometry is the dodecahedron, made of 12 pentacular faces at 72°. This geometry was known in the ancient times to represent the mysterious and elusive fifth element of Spirit or Ether.
The next inward geometry is the cube or hexahedron, made of 6 square faces at 90°. The most popularly known platonic solid, it was known to represent the element of Earth.
Inside the cube is the tetrahedron, the simplest geometry with 4 triangular faces at 60°. A nearly indestructible form, it was known to represent the element of Fire.
By bisecting the lines of the tetrahedron, the octahedron is created in the center. The octahedron has 8 triangular faces at 45° making two pyramid structures, one facing up and one down. It was known to represent the element of Air.
By bisecting the 12 lines of the octahedron in the phi ratio the final platonic solid is formed, the icosahedron. This geometry is formed by 20 triangular faces, and was known to represent the element of Water.
Water is within the geometry of Air, which is nested inside the geometry of Fire, which is within Earth which are all held within the fifth element of Spirit or Ether. Going further, there is a relationship between the innermost icosahedron and the outermost dodecahedron as demonstrated further by the 3D printed structure the Icosa-Dodecahedron. This means that the inter-relationship of the five platonic solids does not end, the pattern repeats infinitely inward and infinitely outward.
This future artifact is 3D printed in steel and electroplated in Gold. Also available 3D printed in matte bronze steel and plastic.

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Gold, Steel, Plastic


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