Vector Equilibrium – Flower of Life – CubeOctahedron


This is the geometry at the mystical heart of matter, space and time. A 4 planar system which creates a balanced equilibrium in all directions. All platonic solids are generated from its expansion and contraction in nature.


This is the cube-octahedron 3D printed in plastic. This structure is one of the most important forms of sacred geometry as it is the physical structure holding the Vector Equilibrium. This means that if each of the external points is connected to the one central point, there will be 12 vectors radiating outward from the central point in perfect balance. Instead of being at 90°, the vectors are at 60°. Instead of three planes at 90° there are four planes nestled at 60°. This is by definition a higher dimensional structure than our classical cartesian grid.

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Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Black


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