Tetrahedron – Plastic – Flower of Life


The tetrahedron is the most simple and fundamental sacred geometric structure. This also has the form of the tetrad or tetracts from the ancient mystery schools, styled in the flower of life pattern.


The tetrahedron is the most simple of the 5 platonic solids. It is formed by four triangular faces, creating a triangular pyramid. There are four faces, six edges, and four vertexes of 60°. The tetrahedron represents the element Fire. This is the most durable shape in creation, and is nearly indestructible. It is also the seed form of the star tetrahedron, and the tetrahedral matrix known as the Isotropic Vector Matrix. These two shapes are perhaps the most important structures when understanding the elemental form of our consciousness and reality.

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Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black


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