3D Metatron’s Cube – Steel


The fundamental archetype of balanced equilibrium represented spherically. The seed geometry of matter and movement.

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This is a fractal, self-similar structure radiating outward from a central sphere. There are 12 spheres touching the central sphere in the form of the vector equilibrium. The 13 spheres are the seed structure of how matter packs most densely. This geometric structure adds 12 more spheres on each of the radiating spheres. This creates the 3D Metatron’s Cube out of spheres in the form of the CubeOctahedron. One of the most spectacular tools to have to understand the vector geometries in 3D. Looking at Metatron’s Cube in a book or on a screen is enlightening, but holding it in your hand to contemplate it from all angles is sublime.

3D printed in steel


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